Group Classes

At Aquatic Obsessions we have Open Water Certification classes (Beginner Courses) running every couple of weeks. Our class days and times fit many different schedules. We offer weekend courses, evening courses, and more.

Private Classes

If you need special attention, have a difficult schedule or simply desire personalized instruction, we also offer Private Training. Whether you have group of private instruction, our professional staff will take the time to make sure you are diving safely while having fun in our underwater world!

How to Pay for your Class

It is very important that you pay for any scuba classes directly with us at Aquatic Obsessions.

If you pay SDI or TDI for the course, your final course fee will be higher than paying directly with us.

The class fee includes: All class materials, pool training, training for Open Water dives & Certification Fees.
You must pay AO directly to get the lower course fee. Do not pay SDI!
All students must pick up (or have emailed) their Online E-Learning student package and register Online at and complete online course and pass the Final Exam BEFORE the first pool class. All students must print their Student Report (not wall certificate) and bring all the printed pages of the Student Report to the first class. Print these pages, they cannot be printed at your pool session.

*You cannot continue class without bringing the Student Report to your first class.
Report to your first class at Aquatic Obsessions and please be on time.

The following equipment is provided by Aquatic Obsessions for your use, during class:
Tanks and Air fills, Regulator w/Octopus, Dive Computer, Gauges, and Buoyancy Compensator Devise (BCD).

You must purchase your own Personal Skin Gear. This gear must be of SCUBA QUALITY. If you do not get this gear from Aquatic Obsessions, you must bring it to A.O. one week before your pool session to have it inspected and checked to make sure it is of Scuba Quality and is safe for you to use.

You will need:

  1. Scuba Quality Mask
  2. Flex Type Snorkel
  3. Wetsuit Booties
  4. Open-heel Scuba Fins
  5. Soft Lead Weights (12% to 15% of your body weight)
  6. Mesh Bag
  7. Full Body 3mm scuba wetsuit
  • Weekend classes, 8am-6pm (bring snacks & drinks to these classes). For all classes and dives, be on time. Late arrivals are not accepted.
  • Evening classes, 6pm-10:30pm. For all classes and dives, be on time. Late arrivals are not accepted.
  • All Training Dive trip fees must be paid in full when you pay for the class.
  • Dive Dates and times can be re-scheduled by A.O. due to bad weather or dive charter conflicts. Cancellations by the customer for training dives fees will receive a 50% refund, only if requested in writing by the student at least 30 days prior to the start date of the training dive trip (only emails to [email protected] constitutes written notice). NO Show for the dive Trip results in forfeiture of all hotel and boat trip fees paid. Cancellation policies are products of the dive charters and hotels, not A,O. We reserve the right to move students to another class if the class does not reach the minimum size by the week of the first class.
  • Any cancellation or movement to a different pool session less than Fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled pool session will incur a $75 rescheduling fee. NO Shows will result in a $125 fee to re-schedule the student to another pool session. Please keep your class and dive dates free and timely. No show for class results in a $125 fee to reschedule.
  • Each student must attend his/her scheduled classes and training dives and must pass all SDI training & safety requirements to qualify for certification. All class graduates must also attend the AO Dive Club meeting that follows their training dives to be awarded their SDI International OW Scuba OW certification care.

Class #Class and Pool DatesDive Trip Dates - Trip Option # 1Trip Option # 2
Class #04-2023 Wkend ClassSat. March 4 (Raindate, Sun. March 5)Rainbow River March 11 & 12
Class #06-2023 Wkend ClassSun. March 25 (Raindate Sun. March 26)Rainbow River April 1 & 2FL Keys April 22 & 23
Class #07-2023 Wkend ClassSat. April 1 (Raindate Sun. April 2)Rainbow River May 6 & 7FL Keys April 22 & 23
Class #08-2023 Wkend ClassSun. April 30 (Raindate Tues. May 2)Rainbow River May 6 & 7
Class #09-2023 Wkend ClassSat. May 13 (Raindate Sun. May 14)Rainbow River June 3 & 4FL Keys June 10 & 11
Class #10-2023 Wkend ClassSun. May 21 (Raindate Tues, May 23,6pm)Rainbow River June 3 & 4FL Keys June 10 & 11
Class #11-2023 Wkend ClassSat. June 17 (Raindate Sun. Jun 18)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #12-2023 Wkend ClassSat. June 25 (Raindate Tues. June 27, 6pm)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #13-2023 Wkend ClassSat. July 8 (Raindate Sun. July 9)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #14-2023 Wkend ClassSun. July 22 (Raindate Sun. July 23)Rainbow River Aug. 5 & 6FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #15-2023 Wkend ClassSun. July 30 (Raindate Tues. Aug. 1, 6pm)Rainbow River Aug. 5 & 6FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #16-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Aug. 19 (Raindate Sun. Aug. 20)Rainbow River Sept. 9 & 10
Class #17-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Sept. 2 (Raindate Sun. Sept. 3)Rainbow River Sept. 9 & 10FL Keys Oct. 21 & 22
Class #18-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Sept. 16 (Raindate Sun. Sept. 17)Rainbow River Sept. 23-24FL Keys Oct. 21 & 22
Class #19-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Oct 7 (Raindate Sun. Oct. 8)Rainbow River Nov. 4 & 5
Class #20-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Oct 28 (Raindate Sun. Oct. 29)Rainbow River Nov. 4 & 5
Class #21-2023 Wkend ClassSun. Nov. 12 (Raindate Mon. Nov. 13, 6pm))Rainbow River Dec. 2 & 3
Class #22-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Dec. 9 (Raindate Sun. Dec. 10)Rainbow River Dec. 16 & 17

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