Beginning SCUBA Classes

Group Classes & Cost

At Aquatic Obsessions we have Open Water Certification classes (Beginner Courses) running every couple of weeks. Our class days and times fit many different schedules. We offer weekend and evening courses. We keep our group classes small for better service to our students.

When you are shopping around for your beginning scuba class, if you look closely you may find that some facilities have non-included charges that add to the initial class price. So please take the time to determine what is truly included and what are any added fees to your initial sign up cost. At AO we want you to be 100% sure of your total class cost. Compare carefully and remember, there are no dumb questions. We have been in business in St. Petersburg for over 32 years by giving our customers a quality and honest full-service scuba experience.

The cost of our group beginner classes is $399 per student.

This price includes:
1. All your training from our experienced Instructors and Divemasters.
2. All your E-learning materials and registration fee.
3. Two (2) days of dive boat training dives with Five OW training dives.
We only train our students with boat diving. We want our graduates to be ready to dive the world!
For more than three decades, we have refused to conduct OW student training in lakes, sinkholes or walk-in the water dives. This type of diving is cheaper and quicker, but not better.
4. Your OW certification and card fee (upon your successful completion of the course). You will receive BOTH a physical permanent scuba certification card and a digital proof of your certification card. We find that most scuba graduates want a permanent card not just digital recognition.
5. The use of all the Scuba Gear for your pool and open water dives. The scuba gear for your use is: Buoyancy Jacket w/weight pockets, Regulator, Octopus, Dive Computer, Submersible pressure gauge, scuba tanks and air fills.

Not Included:
1. Your Personal Skin Gear. We ALWAYS beat any internet price for equipment in our store AND when you sign-up as an Aquatic Obsessions beginner student, we reward you with an additional 10% Off ALL your personal skin gear purchases.

Do you want to know more about our SDI Open Water Scuba group course.
Our beginning scuba certification course is a 3-step process.

GET SMART! – Step 1 -Start your SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course and master all the important academic information online. This covers everything you need to know about diving before getting into the pool. You can complete this phase through self-study, at your own pace and in the convenience of your home or office.

GET WET! – Step 2 – The next step will be to complete your in-water skill-development training. For us that usually means 8am-6pm starting at the dive shop, then progressing to our private heated pool. This is a full day of getting accustomed to your scuba gear and practicing to safely scuba dive.

GO DIVING! – Step 3 – The final step is to complete the required number of open-water training dives under the supervision of your Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your academic and pool skill-development training, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience in open water. We take open water students on two days of boat diving to either Rainbow River or the Florida Keys – your choice! The reason we like these spots first and foremost is Visibility. We don’t want to take students for their first dives somewhere that may have the chance of bad visibility and possibly scaring a new student away from scuba diving. These are also both very popular and beautiful sites.

Private Classes

If you need or want special attention, have a difficult schedule, or simply desire personalized instruction, we also offer Private Training. Whether it’s just you or a small group needing private instruction, our professional staff can help. We will take the time to make sure you receive supreme personal attention while having fun and learning to safely, scuba dive. * You must call us at A.O. for the private pricing, as the number of students and the students’ choices determine the cost. (727) 344-3484.


To ensure you pay no more than our listed course cost, it is important that you pay for your scuba class and pick your class dates, directly with Aquatic Obsessions (AO). You can do this in person or over the phone. For example, if you start by signing up and paying on the SDI or TDI website, you will NOT get the AO discount and your final course fee will be higher than our published direct price to you.

Class #Class and Pool DatesDive Trip Dates - Trip Option # 1Trip Option # 2
Class #04-2023 Wkend ClassSat. March 4 (Raindate, Sun. March 5)Rainbow River March 11 & 12
Class #06-2023 Wkend ClassSun. March 25 (Raindate Sun. March 26)Rainbow River April 1 & 2FL Keys April 22 & 23
Class #07-2023 Wkend ClassSat. April 1 (Raindate Sun. April 2)Rainbow River May 6 & 7FL Keys April 22 & 23
Class #08-2023 Wkend ClassSun. April 30 (Raindate Tues. May 2)Rainbow River May 6 & 7
Class #09-2023 Wkend ClassSat. May 13 (Raindate Sun. May 14)Rainbow River June 3 & 4FL Keys June 10 & 11
Class #10-2023 Wkend ClassSun. May 21 (Raindate Tues, May 23,6pm)Rainbow River June 3 & 4FL Keys June 10 & 11
Class #11-2023 Wkend ClassSat. June 17 (Raindate Sun. Jun 18)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #12-2023 Wkend ClassSat. June 25 (Raindate Tues. June 27, 6pm)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #13-2023 Wkend ClassSat. July 8 (Raindate Sun. July 9)Rainbow River July 15 & 16FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #14-2023 Wkend ClassSun. July 22 (Raindate Sun. July 23)Rainbow River Aug. 5 & 6FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #15-2023 Wkend ClassSun. July 30 (Raindate Tues. Aug. 1, 6pm)Rainbow River Aug. 5 & 6FL Keys Aug. 12 & 13
Class #16-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Aug. 19 (Raindate Sun. Aug. 20)Rainbow River Sept. 9 & 10
Class #17-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Sept. 2 (Raindate Sun. Sept. 3)Rainbow River Sept. 9 & 10FL Keys Oct. 21 & 22
Class #18-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Sept. 16 (Raindate Sun. Sept. 17)Rainbow River Sept. 23-24FL Keys Oct. 21 & 22
Class #19-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Oct 7 (Raindate Sun. Oct. 8)Rainbow River Nov. 4 & 5
Class #20-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Oct 28 (Raindate Sun. Oct. 29)Rainbow River Nov. 4 & 5
Class #21-2023 Wkend ClassSun. Nov. 12 (Raindate Mon. Nov. 13, 6pm))Rainbow River Dec. 2 & 3
Class #22-2023 Wkend ClassSat. Dec. 9 (Raindate Sun. Dec. 10)Rainbow River Dec. 16 & 17

We are 5 star SDI, PDIC, IDEA, HSA facility in business for over 30 years


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